Horse Culture Grows in Johnston County

Suburbia is growing in the Triangle area. It’s a hotspot for jobseekers in search of affordable housing, and developers are responding with plenty of new homes and subdivisions. But the rolling pastures, open fields, and scenic woods outside of Raleigh are also drawing more and more people to the area, and it’s not just the jobs or the affordable homes calling homebuyers. No, it’s the horses.

Johnston County is for Horse Lovershorse-82947_1280

The unique amenities of Johnston county have not gone unnoticed. There are few places in the country where one might enjoy a quiet, lush community of rural countryside surrounded by horse pastures and horse lovers… minutes from one of the hottest job markets in America. People from across the country are relocating to Johnston County—stating its proximity to work in Raleigh, quaint rural feel, and strong horse culture as driving factors in the decision. In fact, the relocation of horse-lovers and talented riders has called up a need for new stables, and even horse-specific communities, like Portofino.

Portofino: A True Horse-Lover’s Community

RS3719_Dollarphotoclub_67576610-scrThe gem of Portofino is its 22-stall barn, nicknamed “the Ritz for horses” and sporting a long boarding wait-list. Along with a barn, Portofino boasts several riding rings, and is surrounded by acres of open countryside comprised of rolling pastures and wooded nature trails. Many of the homes in this community have their own private barns, and most of its residents are dedicated horse enthusiasts—some even moving to Portofino from far-off corners of the country for its unique culture where everybody rides and everybody loves horses. This horse-centered neighborhood has become so popular, in fact, that the owners are considering a 400-acre expansion, which would incorporate more arenas, a covered arena, and more custom homes with barns.

Portofino Draws the Public Eye

Portofino is not just a private community, however. Top trainers (some even Olympic qualifiers!) offer lessons in eventing, jumping, dressage, and more, and many of their students are top-tiered riders themselves. In an attempt to draw more outside support, Portofino hosts events open to the public so that more people can experience the magic of horse culture.

Johnston County Horse Events

Horse Show jumping competition

Johnston County has been hosting horse-centered shows and events for decades, but in recent years its popularity has increased enough to warrant more and more events throughout the year. One such series of events in the Johnston County Horse Show Series, which is open to all skill levels and takes place at either the Johnston county Livestock Arena or Raleigh’s Hunt Horse Complex. There are upcoming shows in June, August, September, and October.

Find a Stable Near You

Looking for a place to board a horse, learn to ride, or catch an event? If you live in Johnston County, you’re in luck—there are dozens of possibilities! Clayton alone offers three options, and there are another two in Willow Springs and one in Garner. Angier is packed full of options, and Benson and Smithfield each boast a long list of boarding, training, and showing options.

Find a Home Near a Stable

If you’re looking for horse culture and beautiful countryside possibilities, Johnston County is the place to find it. Learn more about some of the terrific communities residents enjoy here, or start exploring homes for sale right away. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you’re ready to get started!

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