What You Need to Do Before Buying New Construction in Clayton

If you’re thinking of buying a new construction home in Clayton, NC, you’re in luck! There are lots of new developments springing up through the area, and each offers its own charms, amenities, and features. Buying new construction is exciting—but if you get started unprepared it can cost you in the long run, both financially and in your overall satisfaction.

Here’s what you need to know about buying a new construction home in Clayton.

Things to Do When Buying New Construction

1. Find a Good Buyers Agent

find an agent when buying new construction in claytonWhenever you buy a home, you should work with a buyers agent (it’s free!), but it’s especially important when buying new. Builders employ their own agents, and if you show up to a home site without an agent, you just may find yourself signing your rights away to that builder’s agent. This agent works on behalf of the builder—NOT you. Find an agent before you visit.

2. Find a Lender

find a lender when buying new construction in claytonMany builders often offer their own lenders, but this is for their convenience, not yours. It’s not necessarily your best option, so shop around before you make any decisions. You may also want to ask the builder if they offer any incentives for using their lender and title company.

3. Research the Builder

research the builder before buying new constructionFind out more about the reputation of the builder and their past clients’ experience. Look into other homes or communities they’ve built, read testimonials, or even talk to neighbors to find out more about their overall satisfaction. Find out if the builder is currently working on any other projects that could delay the completion of your home. When in doubt, ask your agent.

3. Remember, Model Homes are Deceiving

ask about standard features when buying a new homeModel homes usually aren’t standard-built homes. Typically, they offer a mix of standard and upgrade features designed to make the home look its best. Find out which features are upgrades—and how much they’ll cost to have in your home.

4. Learn More About the Future of the Neighborhood & Area

research the neighborhood when buying a new construction home in claytonAsk the builder about their plans for the neighborhood, like whether they’ll add amenities or landscape, or possibly add on more homes that could potentially crowd the neighborhood or even block your views or privacy.

In terms of the area, find out about other new developments planned for around you that could add value to your home (such as shops, restaurants, schools, or entertainment centers) or detract value (such as a busy roadway, too-close subdivision, or clearing of the land behind your home).

5. Ask About Warranties

find out what is covered by warranties when buying new construction in claytonDon’t assume everything is covered. Find out what is, and for how long. Also ask who the warranties are through—the builder or a third party you’ll have to contact if an issue arises.

6. Don’t Be Afraid of Creative Negotiations

creative negotations are common when buying new constructionYour agent should be able to take the reins here, but it’s important that you understand that most builders will not negotiate on price. Instead, they may be able to pay closing costs or perform upgrades at no cost, which will be less obvious to other buyers that you’re getting a deal.

7. Get It in Writing

always get everything in writing before buying new constructionAn agreement isn’t final until it’s in writing. Make sure negotiations are part of the written contract. Also be sure there are specific deadlines for completion points and contingencies for what will happen if the home isn’t finished in time.

8. Get It Inspected

hire your own inspector when buying a new home in claytonJust because it’s brand-new, doesn’t mean it’s perfect. It’s in your best interests to hire your own inspector to walk through the home top-to-bottom to check for any issues.

9. Perform a Walk-Through

walk through and make sure everything looks good in your new home!Your home is finished—but before you sign and grab the keys, make sure you perform a walk through with your agent and the builder so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you want, and what you paid for.

Thinking of Buying New Construct in Clayton?

If you’re shopping for a new construction home in Clayton, NC, then it’s time to contact me. As your guide to new construction real estate in Johnston County, I’m here to help you explore the area, learn more about buying new construction, discover the perfect neighborhood, and find your perfect new home for sale in Clayton.


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