Prep Your Home & Beat the Back-to-School Craziness with These Easy Tips!

RS4515_iStock_000060805248_XXXLarge-scrIt’s every parent’s most-least favorite time of year—back to school season! Enjoy a little peace and quiet during the day, and bring on the crazy after-school schedules, late-night projects, and rushed mornings of forgotten homework! This season, beat the back-to-school craziness with these simple yet innovative family and organizational tips.

Projects & Supplies

  1. school-supplies-488381_1280Create a Supply Stash. Buy much-used supplies like pens, pencils, markers, glue, posterboard or paper, index cards, etc. in bulk, then store it away for those sudden late-night project emergencies.
  2. Organize the Available Supplies. Use a back-of-the-door shoe organizer to separate things like pens, pencils, markers, glue sticks, etc. and label each section to keep it organized. You can also use a shower caddy for a more mobile option.
  3. Create a School Emergency Kit. Depending on kids needs, this can contain everything from pens and pencils to chapstick and tissues to hairbrushes, deodorant, and feminine products.

Planning & Calendars

  1. Implement a Family Calendar. Give older kids a weekly planner to help them keep their homework, events, and activities organized, and have them update the Family Calendar with their after-school activities or major projects so everyone is aware.
  2. Have a Homework Checklist. When doing homework, before it can be crossed off the checklist as complete, all necessary papers or supplies should be placed in the backpack to avoid any “I forgot my project!” moments.
    Start a Dinner Board. Plan out meals, take-out, and special eating-out nights to older kids can plan accordingly or make suggestions. It’s also a good place to add notes for last-minute grocery store runs.
  3. Make a Custom Clock for Toddlers. For kids who can’t tell time yet, it can be handy to create a custom clock with pictures of things like Dinnertime, Snacktime, and Bedtime so they can see what time it is without having to be able to tell time.

Organization & Communication

  1. School children writing in notebooks in the classroom. Focus on beautiful girl in the foreground. [url=][img][/img][/url]Set Up a “Command Center” for Yourself. Stay organized by keeping everything in one place—car keys, your to-do whiteboard, shopping list, etc. Have an inbox/outbox for permission slips and things that need to be signed and check the outbox before the kids leave in the morning.
  2. Create a Backpack Space. Have a designated area for backpacks, shoes, sports gear, etc. so nothing is forgotten in the morning and to avoid clutter.

School Lunches

  1. Get Creative with Lunches! Up your school lunch or after-school snacks game for little kids with these creative ideas, or use this diagram to ensure you’re packing a nutritious and satisfying lunch.
  2. Or at Least Get Organized. Have a fridge organization system that will make grab-and-pack lunches a breeze to make. Keep all your ingredients in one place so you can easily pack up a lunch.
  3. Create a Lunchbox Cupboard. Keep all your lunch boxes, Tupperware, baggies, thermoses, or other lunch-packing materials in a cupboard together.

Home Study Habits

  1. Create a Home Filing System. Give each kid their own color-coded file box so they can organize their notes and resources for each subject instead of keeping it all in a notebook or disorganized folder.
  2. Create Study Spaces. Make designated study spaces for each student that’s well-lit, comfortable, and free of distractions like TV, Internet, or phones. Stock up the space with school supplies.
  3. Donate Old Clothes. Clear out the closets at the beginning of the school year by holding a “fashion show” to determine what clothes don’t fit or won’t be worn, then donate them to make space for new clothes.

An organized home is a happy home! Plus, a well-organized home means a home that’s ready to be shown off and impress if you’re looking to sell. And if you are thinking of listing your home, it’s time to get it ready, and not just with back to school projects. Contact me today to learn more about how you can successfully list your Clayton home.

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